These Are The Best Games For Android Offline Under 50MB Ever You Should Try

You should love playing games when you have free time between your working schedule. People may never expect it before but nowadays, games become one of our needs. You can play a game on wherever you are, on the train, university, class, or many else. Android will serve you with a lot of games neither in online or offline mode. People usually asked what is the best games for android offline under 50MB?

best games for android offline under 50mb

Playing a game on online mode sometimes become uncomfortable when the internet slow. Usually, people search for the alternative on offline games because it never needs any internet connection. However, technological advances make the game become more interesting and have a great graphic. There are available so many best games for android offline under 50MB you can find and here is the list!

1. Overdrive

This is the first offline game we would highly recommend to you. Overdrive is a kind of running game and is also one of the famous games in this world. When you play it, you will be a hero in this game who tries to destroy the Dark Clan. However, this game has a stunning graphic with great sound effects. You will not be getting bored with this game because you can use many different types of weapons here.

2. Traffic Racer

If you love playing race games when you are bored, then this is the perfect game for you. Traffic Racer is the kind of car race game where you will fight against the enemy at a high speed. However, you can choose more than 35 different cars and combined them with different colors as you want. You will get experience in driving up cars at a high speed like a real one with a great graphic. On the other hand, the cars in this game are easier to control.

3. T20 Cricket

This is another one from the best games for android offline under 50MB you should try at least once. You will not feel alone when you play this game because you can play with others from the whole world. Not like other cricket games, T20 Cricket offers you a simplistic control so it is easier to play. This game also offers you a quick match so you can still play a game while in a hurry. Beat other players from other countries and be a champion in the tournament mode.

4. Zombie Hunter King

Zombie Hunter King is a kind of very popular action game in this world. This game has been downloaded for more than 10 million times forever by all android users.  Such a fantastic number, right? The main mission in this game is to destroy all the zombies in this game and try to survive. But, you will also get other interesting missions and stages. You can choose 20 different kinds of weapons to kill and destroy the zombie.

These are 4 best games for android offline under 50MB you can download in GooglePlay. You will feel how interesting to play an offline game when the signals are really bad to play online. On the other hand, it can be your alternative because almost all of the online games have a serious storyline.