5 Online Games For Cooking In Restaurant You Should Try

Playing games is one way to take the time. One food-themed game could be one game that is worth a try. This game gives tension because as the level increases, the level of difficulty and speed will also increase. Not only for children – but this game is also worth trying for adults who want enough entertainment. Even though it’s not cooking, you can feel the sensation of managing your own business from scratch. The sensation can’t be the same as role-playing, but it’s guaranteed to make you addicted to playing these online games for cooking in restaurant.

1. I Love Pasta

Released since 2014, this game invites you to become the best pasta chef who pioneers restaurants from scratch. You will play the child who was left with his father and must take care of his legacy.

You will learn to design a restaurant and arrange finances to buy the need to run the restaurant. Even to get food ingredients, you can find it in the river by fishing. Not only that, but you also have to marry a Patron whose request is annoying.

The number of quests and missions available will make you feel comfortable to continue playing this game. Moreover, the characters are very kawaii and you can keep changing clothes. You can also make your pasta recipes, just like a chef!

In this game, you won’t feel satisfied just like that. After you make the whole ground floor, you will be asked to make the second floor, and so on. I was so small, you can also open a franchise if you’ve reached a certain level, you know! If you’re curious, just download the game directly on the Play Store or App Store.

2. Foodpia Tycoon

Just the name Tycoon, you will be the biggest restaurant developer with 10 types of restaurants. The mission is a lot. You will be busy managing restaurants and opening branches in 21 cities around the world. However, you also can’t forget to make your restaurant cool.

Your restaurant also can’t just win, right? It’s useless to have an Instagram-able restaurant if the food isn’t good. So, you also have to recruit 5-star chefs so that your profits get higher.

It’s also important to have a secret recipe (just like Spongebob, right) so that you can guarantee that the food isn’t just delicious. If you already have all that, your restaurant is a guarantee to be the best franchise in the world! Not bad, right, for practice to make your restaurant.

3. Cooking Dash 2016

COOKING DASH 2016 is a cooking game for Android that has many levels and many different types of food so you will need to learn how to cook well. It may take some time to familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of the game and eventually it can expand your business. Cooking games are almost the same as with all other cooking games available. Combine the ingredients by sorting them in the right order, making dishes and making customers reach satisfaction levels in restaurant waiters.

4. Sara Cooking Class

Sara Cooking Class has no new customers, levels or locations like in previous cooking games. This Sara Cooking Class application focuses on teaching the basics of cooking. You will learn how to cook things like cupcakes, cakes, and dinner. The number of levels is limited in the free version, but it is still a good alternative to all the other cooking games that I mentioned until now, where the main goal is to be competitive, raise more money, achieve better grades, etc.

5. Little Big Restaurant

This game will take you to manage an American food restaurant and a burger. You must still be able to make customers feel happy. Your skills will be tested in this one restaurant service game. This free downloadable game includes a full version, meaning you don’t need to pay more and are free for updates. Beautiful and quality restaurant decoration is also available for every country. Little Big Restaurant game can be a fun friend for your day.

Interested in trying a very exciting cooking game and practicing playing skills? In addition to being able to enjoy the online games for cooking in restaurant, you can also change and design characters as you wish in some of the cooking games above. With in-game purchase features, games can be more fun.