The Best Games For Nintendo Switch You Don’t Want To Miss

Every gamer must ever hear of Nintendo Switch. This game console is very popular among gamers and even people. There are many games that can be played in Nintendo Switch. If you just bought the new Nintendo Switch but still confused about what game you want to play, then this may be useful for you. Spare your time to get to know the best games for Nintendo Switch.

best games for nintendo switch

1. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Behold on one of the best games for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield. This game is the best Pokemon adventure game in these recent years. While catching the monster in this game, you can also watch the impressive visual on the television. There are also several modes to play including multiplayer raid battles and open-ended “Wild Area” that you can explore. Furthermore, the handle to play this game is rather easy.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Link Awakening

Link Awakening actually is not a new game. It is the remake game from the original game boy. Then what’s that make this game feels new? And it is the so large-scale change of the remake. Thanks to the remake, the visual of this game get super better.

And you may not rebuttal someone who calls this game as the most adorable game in Nintendo Switch. But, those reasons aren’t enough to make you play this game. That’s why you must know that the quest in this game is remarkably well.

3. Super Mario Maker 2

There’s no way you never heard about Super Mario. This super popular game has existed even back then. And till now, Super Mario franchises always have a place in the fans’ hearts. That’s why when you’re talking about the best games for Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Maker 2 will always come up.

Playing this game will never bring you any boredom. That’s because there are some modes you can play. First, you can play a single mode with inventive levels. And when you’re tired of this mode, you can make use of your creativity to make your own 2D stage. If even with these modes you still feel bored, you can also play with the stage that is uploaded by other players.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 3

If you’re a fan of horror games, maybe you will enjoy playing Luigi’s Mansion 3. Though, rather than horror, this game is more slapstick comedy. But it is still worth to play. In this game, you have to rescue your friends from a haunted house.

However, your character is reluctant and always scared in every step. And as a result, you will experience hilarious adventures with inventive levels and bosses. Also, don’t forget about the iconic vacuum for sucking the ghost which is your enemy.

As the first-rate game console, Nintendo Switch provides you with excellent gameplay and impressive console. And with the best games for Nintendo Switch, you can experience addictive gaming with a lot of adventures or battle of strategies. What you have to do is just choose your favorite games and enjoy the game world from Nintendo Switch.