The Best Games Zombie 2 Players All The Time

Watching zombie movies always boosting your heartbeat. You also hard to breath at the same time. Saving your life and finding a way to survive are things about when facing zombies. However, that is just a movie, you cannot feel like for real. If you really want to try as the survivor, then play the zombie game. It will be more interesting if you play together with friends, thus, see this what we have in this article. You will find the best games zombie 2 players ever.

Zombies are one of the enemies in every game. Since the computer game of the zombie was released, now it has been developed in many ways. Starts from the storyline, the visualization, until the character. That is why zombie game becomes the favorite horror game to play. Here are the game’s zombie 2 players to play that is worth to test your adrenaline:

1. Plants vs Zombies

What will you do if the zombies start attacking your city? Plant trees! Playing this game makes you need to think as fast as you can. When the zombies are coming, defeat them by flowers. There are 26 types of zombies you will face in 50 levels of adventure. Enjoy this game with your partner and get some bonus to improve your account. Also, you can choose the game modes, so you won’t feel bored.

2. Zombie Mission 2

This game is about saving two scientists who are trapped. Your job is killing the zombies by shooting them as many as you can. Seeing so many zombies here, you definitely need a friend along to out the laboratory. Be brave and keep moving on until you find the exit way. You can switch the weapon based on your need. The more hostages you save, the more points you will get.

3. Devil Run

You must be crazy about playing this game. Devil Run is not only addictive but also thrilling. Blood is everywhere because you need to shoot every zombie to save your life and reduce the zombies. You will never know how many zombies in front of you, thus, help from your friend is needed. Do separate, unless the zombie will catch your back.

4. Zombits Trouble

Zombits Trouble now has become the series. It is due to this game is worth to play if you are spending the time. Don’t be worry, you have many weapons to choose. You can switch it whenever you want. In this game, you also need to collect the gold. The more gold you have, the more things you can buy, such as another weapon, food, and any survival kits.

5. The Last Survivors

As the players, you and your friend will be located at the end of the world. The situation is so challenging because all people have changed to become a zombie. As the last survivors, you will play with the characters made inside, a wife and a husband. Your job is solving the puzzles and through all obstacles.

Try those five games zombie 2 players above, then you will feel how life with zombies around is. Each game has a different goal, but, basically those require you teamwork to solve every level. Each stage also gives you different surprise, so you want to play this game more and more.

Best Animation Games Online for Kids

Gaming is always interesting to kill your time, including for the kids. When they have nothing to do, many kids today are getting their gadgets to play the game. Moreover, the online game is now increasing and very various. It is okay to let them enjoy the game, as long as they know the limit. If you want to support their happiness, then you can recommend these animation games online below to them.

Since the internet allows anyone to access, you need to guide the kids in enjoying the game. It starts from the selecting one until their reaction when getting lost. Because many kinds of research shown that online game is addictive and can affect your kids’ physiological. Thus, don’t let them choose whatever they want. Here are the animation games online that safe for your kids:

1. Toontastic 3D

This game lets your kid be a director. There are three types of options: short, classic, and science. Those three stories have a basic outline: set, conflict, challenge, climax, until the resolution. Your kid can create the character or design with the drawing tools. After they finish doing that, tap the start then play the character animation. Also, they are able to add music and video too.

2. Zimmer Twins

It is a safe place for the kids to explore their imagination. This game is about the twin: Edgar and Eva. At the opening of the game, Edgar and Eva are having a conversation. Then, your kids can continue the rest until ending. They only put the conversation based on their imagination. After that, Edgar and Eva will show the interaction. The works can be shared with social media so people can see and give like also comment.

3. Princess Fairy Tale Maker

Never think that the game is only for the boys. In fact, many girls love playing the online game too. Princess Fairy Tale Maker is one of the favorite online games recommended for your daughter. She can create a fairy tale story based on the pictures on board. Also, she can make her own photos too, then add to the scene. There is a drawing tool if she prefers to use her muscles.

4. Animal Jam

If your kids have the imagination to be an animal, then give this game to them. They can turn themselves into any animal they want. Just choose the virtual animal and play the game. At the same time, the kids are able to decorate the den, adopt another animal, and learn facts, such as how the animal lives and many more.

5. Fishao

Let’s see your kids’ agile in catching thousands of fish. Your kids have to pass many areas, so they will face a different challenge. This game is not only online, but also a multiplayer game. So, if you want to be included in their fun, just download and install this game.

Looking at some things for fun is easy. So, don’t get frustrated when your kids cannot be separated from their gadgets. This technology is still able to boost their creativity and your bond with them. Those animation games online above are worth to play for your quality time.

4 Games Offline for PC Free Download

Speaking of games, Games offline for pc free download are the most popular things for most gamers. Because they no longer need to use internet quotas to play them. Usually, those who like light PC games, especially offline. Offline games that are also present with no less exciting with online games.

1. Warcraft

Warcraft is arguably included in old Games offline for pc free download but still exists today. Especially for those of you fans of game nuanced strategy. You must try and play this game. Besides being able to be played in offline mode. Gamer can playing in online mode where you can play with your friends on the LAN network.

In this game, you can also install various mods so that the game doesn’t get bored while playing it. The characters in this game are an orc, undead, night elf, and human. If you want to install a mod, for example, the Naruto mod. The character will automatically come out and playing as a Naruto character. In this game, you must build a base to attack and protect from various attacks.

2. Prototype

Prototype 2 is one of the bloodiest and sadistic Open World Games. Carrying the Action-Adventure genre and high-quality graphics. This game is the second version of the Prototype 1 series. This game made by Radical Entertainment deserves thumbs up. In this game, you can easily slam large military weapons, disgusting mutants, or even chop other intelligent living creatures to replenish health.

For those of you who want to follow the storyline of this game. It is recommended to try the first version first. In Prototype 2 you will not see Alex Mercer. Instead, you will act as Sergeant James Heller. In this game, you are must avenge the death of the main character’s family. The game itself is still set in New York Zero, which is divided into three main areas, Red Zone, Yellow Zone, and Green Zone.

3. Call of duty

Yes, who doesn’t know this one of the best war games, this Call of Duty Game made by Activision is an FPS genre war game. And uniquely combined with other genres such as action and adventure. For those of you who like an adventure. This FPS game will be very suitable for you to play in. Starting from Call of Duty version 1 to Call of Duty version of Black Ops.

In the Call of Duty game that has several series, you will be  reminisce, to recall the development of the Call of Duty game. And of course, some gamers must have their memories when playing each series.

4. Tom Clancys Ghost Recon

This game made by Ubisoft is indeed worth you trying and playing, where this game is themed action, adventure, and shooter. This game is part of the “Tom Clancy” game series, as well as part of the game family “Ghost Recon” which comes with a different style and feel. Where the previous series “Ghost Recon” which always focuses on stories of corrupt governance and conflicts between countries.

Ghost Recon Wildland comes with a fresh story that eradicates drug dealers in South America. The graphics displayed in this game look very beautiful and real, as well as the faces of the main characters look so detailed and the game atmosphere is very prominent.

So it’s no wonder Ghost Recon Wildlands is the biggest open-world game that Ubisoft created, which presents various types of playgrounds, from mountains, jungles, deserts to salt fields.

Well, that friend is a partial list of the best Games offline for pc free download. The quality of graphics, storylines, and consoles that are present on PC games are also no less great. Offline game on this PC is not always only be playing as offline. But you can also play it online or multiplayer. Have fun and spend time with a variety of super exciting offline games above, buddy.

Online Games You can play for Free on Websites

The internet is a portal towards many things, including online games. To fill free time at work or home, people tend to play games on their computers or laptop. However, downloading a game would take a lot of time and also take place in the storage of the device. As another option, there are plenty of online games you can play for free on some websites. Not only is it free and simple but it also fun and enjoyable.

With playing games online, people would just have to log in to their usernames. They would not need to download, install or load the game before playing. Playing games online is practical, easy, and also fast. People could find many kinds of type of games on the internet. Here are some online games you can play for free on websites:

1. The Popular

The first website game that people could choose is There are more than 20,000 games that people could play online and also free! People could even play in a multiplayer mode where they could play with others online. provides from the easiest game to a hard-level game. If users are confused about what game to play, the site would give some recommendation games to play.

2. Playing on, the next online games you can play for free, just like its domain name. This site has more driving, flying, and adventure games for players. The other good thing about this website it could be served in many languages. Therefore, players could play in any language they want. As an addition, players could also play in multiplayer mode, whether they play with an online or an offline friend.

3. The Addicting

Arkadium has also great free online games. This site is popular for its classic games like the solitaire, Sudoku, bridge, mahjong, and Freecell. Moreover, the games are served in many and new ways. For example the mahjong game. In Arkadium, there are many kinds of mahjong games, which is a new experience for players to try. People could only play these games in Arkdaium only. Besides classic games, people could also play other kinds of games on this site.

4. The all-age game

The next online games you can play for free on the website are This website is friendly for all ages. It because it does not only offer games for a grown-up but also kids as well. Of course, when a child plays online, they must be supervised by an adult. There are 11 categories in this site with thousands of games in each category.

5. The Fun is a website that provides free online games not only for adults but also for children. Some special categories are suitable for children, so parents do not have to worry about choosing the right game. Furthermore, there are also a lot of options as well for grownup games.

There are so many online games you can play for free with your friends and even alone. These website lists are useful as options for playing. Not only adults could play, but also children as well.