Best Games For Low End Laptops Worth To Try In 2020

Everybody loves to play a game even though only for taking a break in the middle of work. For these people, they don’t need a high-performance gadget. Many of them are still loyal using their latest laptop or not a super spec one. However, some games are only able to run on the laptop with certain specifications. So, if you don’t have amazing support inside, we have a recommendation about the best games for low end laptops.

best games for low end laptops

Actually, not all high graphic performance games are good. Just because the games are played in the low-end laptop, it means the games are so last-year behind. In fact, today many people like to play these games. Besides they don’t have to invest in the hardware, the games are also still enjoyable. If you are curious about the best games for low end laptops, see the list below:

1. World of Warcraft Classic

Who says can’t play World of Warcraft when you have a low-end laptop? The classic version can run with it very well. There is no significant difference from the classic version with the current one. Indeed, still a different sensation and look, but it doesn’t change how excitement of the game. When you only have Carrizo by AMD ultrabooks and Intel integrated graphics are okay to play.

2. Arkham City

Arkham City is one of the recommended games for low-end laptop users. Actually, there is Arkham Asylum which performs great for the lower version. But, if you desire a better experience, then play Arkham City. By playing this game, you can act based on the character you choose, such as Cat Woman. You will through the storyline about how to be like a Batman.

3. West of Loathing

It is an adventure game with a unique graphical view. Basically, the look is black and white, but, don’t be fooled with what behind. There are killer clowns, snake oil salesmen, and other traps. All you need to do is following instructions based on the dialogue. Playing this game is really fun because the dialogue is full of humor.

4. Minecraft

It is the other hot game that can run in a low-end laptop. Many people have spent their money on this game. Now let’s join in this fun game, but, before that say thanks to the developer who makes a simpler version for PC. Just prepare yourself to involve in the narrative and story given. Minecraft is a phenomenal game, you must try playing this game now.

5. Stardew Valley

Almost gamers know that this game was inspired by the Harvest Moon. However, Stardew Valley has its own concept that will involve you inside the drama. The game is more than about planting and harvesting, you need to act like in real-life, such as making friends, creating a relationship, and many more. This game is more fun if you play with your friends. The multiple players are available even though for the low-end laptop version.

Playing a game is fun because you will act as a special character. It is something like directing yourself seperatedly. But, remember, even though you have a low-end gadget, you have the same right to enjoy it. Try one of the best games for low end laptops above. Let have your time to enjoy it.