Best App To Play Mobile Games On PC To Use

The app for people to use from Android on PC is an emulator. It could help people to open and to use the apps from Android on the computer. There are a lot of apps that people could use. Starting from chatting app, social media, mobile games, and others. People could get the emulator from downloading it on their computer. There are several of the best app to play mobile games on PC that people could choose and use.

Playing mobile games on handphones are fun. However, when playing it on computers, it is more exciting. Not all mobile games could be played on a computer or has a computer series. That is why people would need an emulator to support. Playing mobile games on the computer is exciting because the screen is larger and sometimes with a larger sound system. Experiencing playing mobile games on the computer is satisfying as well. Here is the best app to play mobile games on PC to use.

1. The Bluestacks

The first app that people could use is Bluestacks. It is one of the oldest and popular apps whether for Windows or Mac. Bluestacks would provide a great mixture of graphics, power, and processor. Moreover, using this app, it could run faster up to 6 times than how it runs on the smartphone. People could also manage the setting on the display from the computer as well. However, users must have at least 5GB free disk space and the RAM of 2 GB

2. The Genymotion Cloud

The Genymotion Cloud is also one of the best apps to play mobile games on the PC. The app is easy to use and easy. Users would first have to sign in on the app. Users do not need to provide a large space of memory, people just need to provide 100MB. As for the RAM, it also needs 2GB. Moreover, do not forget to have a good internet connection for smooth running.

3. The Tencent Gaming Buddy

While other apps allow users to play mobile games on the computer, with the Tencent Gaming Buddy, it is different. This app is especially for experiencing PUBG from mobile games on PC. However, the interface, the setting, and controlling are easy for users to use. Moreover, this app also allows users to download and play mobile apps from PC.

4. MEmu

The next best app to play mobile games on the PC is MEmu. It is a great app, especially for Windows. Compared with other apps, MEmu requires an easier and smaller minimum system. However, the system runs well and smooth. As for the controls, users could also use keyboard mapping which is customed and easy for users to use.

5. Nox Player

Another app that people should try for playing mobile games on PC is Nox Player. This app is also specially designed for playing games. A great thing from this app is that it has a rooted version. This allows users to have full access to mobile games on the PC.

Most of the best app to play mobile games on PC are apps that are specially designed for playing games. However, people could still use it for besides gaming. People could get apps from downloading it from the internet.