6 Best Games to Play With Friends During Quarantine

Undergoing quarantine can be very boring. Especially if you get used to hanging out with your friends frequently. But don’t let this circumstance make you feel like a prisoner. Keep in touch with them by trying these best games to play with friends during quarantine.

1. Guitar Band Battle by Zeeppo

Let’s start with a music game. There is a Guitar Band Battle that you can play with a real person. This game offers some features, from the instruments to the songs.

Enjoy the spirit of rock and roll with songs from famous bands. Just say it Nirvana and Metallica. Also, try many shapes and designs of guitars.

Get the other instruments like bass and drum and hire some players to play. Then just play like you are the real band. Develop your playing so you can master all of the stages.

2. Mini Racing Adventures by Minimo

For you who like to play an endless racing game, this one is good to try. You will not be bored because this game has any kind of tracks. There are hills, muddy roads, snowy mountains, and many more. 

Play with your friends by realtime multiplayer. Don’t forget to collect unique vehicles to make your adventure more fun. 

Make sure your internet is on. So, your playing data will be saved in the Cloud. And you can continue playing whenever without losing your collection.

3. Uno Friends by Casual Games Company

Gathering around with friends is the best time to do some fun things. One of them is playing Uno Cards. And with this quarantine situation, you may don’t have any chance to meet each other.

But it will not be stopping you to keep playing. Just install Uno Friends, one of the best games to play with friends during quarantine. Then start to have fun from your respective houses. 

4. Hay Day by Supercell

Having more than 100 million downloads, Hay Day becomes a favorite game for many people. This is a farm simulation game you can enjoy everywhere. Also, find a pleasant neighborhood with cooperative people.

Not only about farming some plants, but you can also do the trading for your products. Use a truck or boat to deliver the orders. 

5. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Moonton

“An enemy has been slain!”. When you hear that sentence from some people’s smartphones, no doubt, they are playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This is a popular MOBA game and many people play it.

Not only playing this game with random people around the world. But you can also make a team with your friends and against another team. Enjoy and maximize the features to get the Victory.

The goal of this game is to take the opponent’s base. And to achieve it, there are many blockages to break. Therefore, you will be assisted by many features. Some heroes with respective characteristics and the other items will be the things you can’t ignore.

6. Hago by Hago Games

Different from the others, you can’t identify Hago as a specific game. It is because there are so many games include in 1 application only. The games also consist of different genres. 

If you want to mention, it has race games like Crazy Taxi, Wild Motorbike, and Parkour Race. There are Badminton Champion and Soccer All-Star for the sports games. And you can also play Brain Quiz and Yes Or No to sharpen your brain.

All of the games can be played with strangers. If you want to play with some friends, just invite them and wait for the confirmation. You can also change the game and still with the same opponent.

Stay at home and maintain your health. Keep being entertained by playing those best games to play with friends during quarantine. With various games choices, nothing can stop you to have fun.